Source code for kiwi.tasks.system_build

# Copyright (c) 2015 SUSE Linux GmbH.  All rights reserved.
# This file is part of kiwi.
# kiwi is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# kiwi is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with kiwi.  If not, see <>
usage: kiwi-ng system build -h | --help
       kiwi-ng system build --description=<directory> --target-dir=<directory>
       kiwi-ng system build help

        build a system image from the specified description. The
        build command combines the prepare and create commands
    build help
        show manual page for build command

        install the given package name as part of the early bootstrap process
        install the given package name
        add repository with given source, type, alias, priority,
        the imageinclude flag and the package_gpgcheck flag
        allow to use an existing root directory from an earlier
        build attempt. Use with caution this could cause an inconsistent
        root tree if the existing contents does not fit to the
        former image type setup
        delete repository cache for each of the used repositories
        before installing any package
        delete the given package name
        the description must be a directory containing a kiwi XML
        description and optional metadata files
        ignore all repos from the XML configuration
        ignore all repos from the XML configuration except the
        ones marked as imageonly
        overwrite the source location of the base container
        for the selected image type. The setting is only effective
        if the configured image type is setup with an initial
        derived_from reference
        overwrite the container tag in the container configuration.
        The setting is only effective if the container configuraiton
        provides an initial tag value
        add a container label in the container configuration metadata. It
        overwrites the label with the provided key-value pair in case it was
        already defined in the XML description
        overwrite the first XML listed repository source, type, alias,
        priority, the imageinclude flag and the package_gpgcheck flag
        includes the key-file as a trusted key for package manager validations
        the target directory to store the system image file(s)
import os
import logging

# project
from kiwi.tasks.base import CliTask
from import Help
from kiwi.system.prepare import SystemPrepare
from kiwi.system.setup import SystemSetup
from kiwi.builder import ImageBuilder
from kiwi.system.profile import Profile
from kiwi.defaults import Defaults
from kiwi.privileges import Privileges
from kiwi.path import Path

log = logging.getLogger('kiwi')

[docs]class SystemBuildTask(CliTask): """ Implements building of system images Attributes * :attr:`manual` Instance of Help """
[docs] def process(self): # noqa: C901 """ Build a system image from the specified description. The build command combines the prepare and create commands """ self.manual = Help() if self._help(): return Privileges.check_for_root_permissions() abs_target_dir_path = os.path.abspath( self.command_args['--target-dir'] ) build_dir = os.sep.join([abs_target_dir_path, 'build']) image_root = os.sep.join([build_dir, 'image-root']) Path.create(build_dir) if not self.global_args['--logfile']: log.set_logfile( os.sep.join([abs_target_dir_path, 'build', 'image-root.log']) ) self.load_xml_description( self.command_args['--description'] ) build_checks = self.checks_before_command_args build_checks.update( { 'check_target_directory_not_in_shared_cache': [abs_target_dir_path] } ) self.run_checks(build_checks) if self.command_args['--ignore-repos']: self.xml_state.delete_repository_sections() elif self.command_args['--ignore-repos-used-for-build']: self.xml_state.delete_repository_sections_used_for_build() if self.command_args['--set-repo']: self.xml_state.set_repository( *self.sextuple_token(self.command_args['--set-repo']) ) if self.command_args['--add-repo']: for add_repo in self.command_args['--add-repo']: self.xml_state.add_repository( *self.sextuple_token(add_repo) ) if self.command_args['--set-container-tag']: self.xml_state.set_container_config_tag( self.command_args['--set-container-tag'] ) if self.command_args['--add-container-label']: for add_label in self.command_args['--add-container-label']: try: (name, value) = add_label.split('=', 1) self.xml_state.add_container_config_label(name, value) except Exception: log.warning( 'Container label {0} ignored. Invalid format: ' 'expected labelname=value'.format(add_label) ) if self.command_args['--set-container-derived-from']: self.xml_state.set_derived_from_image_uri( self.command_args['--set-container-derived-from'] ) self.run_checks(self.checks_after_command_args)'Preparing new root system') system = SystemPrepare( self.xml_state, image_root, self.command_args['--allow-existing-root'] ) manager = system.setup_repositories( self.command_args['--clear-cache'], self.command_args['--signing-key'] ) system.install_bootstrap( manager, self.command_args['--add-bootstrap-package'] ) system.install_system( manager ) if self.command_args['--add-package']: system.install_packages( manager, self.command_args['--add-package'] ) if self.command_args['--delete-package']: system.delete_packages( manager, self.command_args['--delete-package'] ) profile = Profile(self.xml_state) defaults = Defaults() defaults.to_profile(profile) profile.create( Defaults.get_profile_file(image_root) ) setup = SystemSetup( self.xml_state, image_root ) setup.import_description() setup.import_overlay_files() setup.import_image_identifier() setup.setup_groups() setup.setup_users() setup.setup_keyboard_map() setup.setup_locale() setup.setup_plymouth_splash() setup.setup_timezone() setup.setup_permissions() # make sure manager instance is cleaned up now del manager # setup permanent image repositories after cleanup setup.import_repositories_marked_as_imageinclude() setup.call_config_script() # handle uninstall package requests, gracefully uninstall # with dependency cleanup system.pinch_system(force=False) # handle delete package requests, forced uninstall without # any dependency resolution system.pinch_system(force=True) # delete any custom rpm macros created system.clean_package_manager_leftovers() # make sure system instance is cleaned up now del system setup.call_image_script() # make sure setup instance is cleaned up now del setup'Creating system image') image_builder = ImageBuilder( self.xml_state, abs_target_dir_path, image_root, custom_args={ 'signing_keys': self.command_args['--signing-key'], 'xz_options': self.runtime_config.get_xz_options() } ) result = image_builder.create() result.print_results() result.dump( os.sep.join([abs_target_dir_path, 'kiwi.result']) )
def _help(self): if self.command_args['help']:'kiwi::system::build') else: return False return self.manual