Using SUSE Product ISO To Build

When building an image with KIWI NG, the image description usually points to a number of public/private package source repositories from which the new image root tree will be created. Alternatively the vendor provided product ISO image(s) can be used. The contents of the ISO (DVD) media also provides package source repositories but organized in a vendor specific structure. As a user it’s important to know about this structure such that the KIWI NG image description can consume it.

To use a SUSE product media the following steps are required:

  1. Mount the ISO media from file or DVD drive:

$ sudo mount Product_ISO_file.iso|DVD_drive /media/suse
  1. Lookup all Product and Module directories:

    Below /media/suse there is a directory structure which provides package repositories in directories starting with Product-XXX and Module-XXX. It depends on the package list in the KIWI NG image description from which location a package or a dependency of the package is taken. Therefore it is best practice to browse through all the directories and create a <repository> definition for each of them in the KIWI NG image description like the following example shows:

    <repository alias="DVD-1-Product-SLES">
        <source path="file:///media/suse/Product-SLES"/>
    <repository alias="DVD-1-Module-Basesystem">
        <source path="file:///media/suse/Module-Basesystem"/>

Once all the individual product and module repos has been created in the KIWI NG image description, the build process can be started as usual.


Because of the manual mount process the /media/suse location stays busy after KIWI NG has created the image. The cleanup of this resource is a responsibility of the user and not done by KIWI NG