Image Description for Microsoft Azure

A virtual disk image which is able to boot in the Microsoft Azure cloud framework has to comply the following constraints:

  • Hyper-V tools must be installed

  • Microsoft Azure Agent must be installed

  • Disk size must be set to 30G

  • Kernel parameters must allow for serial console

To meet this requirements update the KIWI NG image description as follows:

  1. Software packages

    Make sure to add the following packages to the package list


    Package names used in the following list matches the package names of the SUSE distribution and might be different on other distributions.

    <package name="hyper-v"/>
    <package name="python-azure-agent"/>
  2. Image Type definition

    Update the oem image type setup as follows

    <type image="oem"
          kernelcmdline="console=ttyS0 rootdelay=300 net.ifnames=0"
      <bootloader name="grub2" timeout="1"/>
      <size unit="M">30720</size>

An image built with the above setup can be uploaded into the Microsoft Azure cloud and registered as image. For further information on how to upload to Azure see: azurectl