With regards to the information in Build Host Constraints one requirement between the build host and the image when it comes to architecture support is, that the image architecture should match the build host architecture. Cross arch building would require any core tool that is used to build an image to be cross arch capable.

To patch e.g an x86_64 system such that it can build an aarch64 image would require some work on binutils and hacks as well as performance tweaks which is all not worth the effort and still can lead to broken results. Thus we recommend to provide native systems for the target architecture and build there. One possible alternative is to use the kiwi boxed plugin as mentioned above together with a box created for the desired architecture. However keep in mind the performance problematic when running a VM of a different architecture.

The majority of the image builds are based on the x86 architecture. As mentioned KIWI NG also supports other architectures, shown in the table below:






yes note:distro


yes note:distro


yes note:distro


yes note:distro


The support status for an architecture depends on the distribution. If the distribution does not build its packages for the desired architecture, KIWI NG will not be able to build an image for it