kiwi-ng image resize


kiwi-ng [global options] service <command> [<args>]

kiwi-ng image resize -h | --help
kiwi-ng image resize --target-dir=<directory> --size=<size>
kiwi-ng image resize help


For disk based images, allow to resize the image to a new disk geometry. The additional space is free and not in use by the image. The OEM boot code in KIWI NG offers a resizing procedure that can be used to make use of the additional free space. For OEM image builds, it is advisable to run the resizing operation.



The path to the root directory. If not specified, kiwi searches the root directory in build/image-root under the specified target directory.


New size of the image. The value is either a size in bytes, or it can be specified with m (MB) or g (GB). Example: 20g


Directory containing the kiwi build results.