The Runtime Configuration File

KIWI supports an additional configuration file for runtime specific settings that do not belong into the image description but which are persistent and would be unsuitable for command line parameters.

The runtime configuration file must adhere to the YAML syntax. KIWI searches for the runtime configuration file in the following locations:

  1. ~/.config/kiwi/config.yml

  2. /etc/kiwi.yml

The parameters that can be changed via the runtime configuration file are illustrated in the following example:

  # Additional command line flags for `xz`
  # see `man xz` for details
  - options: -9e

  # Override the URL to the Open Build Service (i.e. how repository
  # paths starting with `obs://` will be resolved).
  # This setting is useful for building a KIWI appliance locally, which is
  # hosted on a custom OBS instance.
  # defaults to:
  - download_url:

  # Specifies whether the Open Build Service instance is public or
  # private
  # defaults to true
  - public: true | false

  # Configure whether the image bundle should contain a XZ compressed
  # image result or not.
  - compress: true | false

  # Specify the compression algorithm for compressing container
  # images. Invalid entries are skipped.
  # Defaults to `xz`.
  - compress: xz | none

  # Configure which tool KIWI will use to build ISO images. Invalid
  # entries are ignored.
  # Defaults to `xorriso`
  - tool_category: cdrtools | xorriso

  # Specify the OCI archive tool that will be used to create container
  # archives for OCI compliant images.
  # Defaults to `umoci`.
  - archive_tool: umoci | buildah

  # Configure the maximum image size. Either provide a number in bytes
  # or specify it with the suffix `m`/`M` for megabytes or `g`/`G` for
  # gigabytes.
  # If the resulting image exceeds the specified value, then KIWI will
  # abort with an error.
  # The default is no size constraint.
  - max_size: 700m

  # Provide a list of runtime checks that should be disabled. Checks
  # that do not exist but are present in this list are silently
  # ignored.
  - disable: check_image_include_repos_publicly_resolvable | \
      check_target_directory_not_in_shared_cache | \
      check_volume_label_used_with_lvm | \
      check_volume_setup_defines_multiple_fullsize_volumes | \
      check_volume_setup_has_no_root_definition | \
      check_container_tool_chain_installed | \
      check_boot_description_exists | \
      check_consistent_kernel_in_boot_and_system_image | \
      check_dracut_module_for_oem_install_in_package_list | \
      check_dracut_module_for_disk_oem_in_package_list | \
      check_dracut_module_for_live_iso_in_package_list | \
      check_dracut_module_for_disk_overlay_in_package_list | \
      check_efi_mode_for_disk_overlay_correctly_setup | \
      check_xen_uniquely_setup_as_server_or_guest | \
      check_mediacheck_only_for_x86_arch | \