Setting Up YaST at First Boot

To be able to use YaST in a non interactive way, create a YaST profile which tells the autoyast module what to do. To create the profile, run:

yast autoyast

Once the YaST profile exists, update the KIWI XML description as follows:

  1. Edit the KIWI XML file and add the following package to the <packages type="image"> section:

    <package name="yast2-firstboot"/>
  2. Copy the YaST profile file as overlay file to your KIWI image description overlay directory:

    mkdir -p root/etc/YaST2
    cp PROFILE_FILE root/etc/YaST2/firstboot.xml
  3. Copy and activate the YaST firstboot template. This is done by the following instructions which needs to be written into the KIWI which is stored in the image description directory:

    if [ ! -e "${sysconfig_firsboot}" ]; then
        cp "${sysconfig_template}" "${sysconfig_firsboot}"
    touch /var/lib/YaST2/reconfig_system